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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I've attached a picture and I want to know how to remove the Hackintosh Zone logo from the High Sierra default background. If I go into files and drag the default one with no logo, the logo appears again. Please help me??
  2. stuck on verbose mode nothing happening hello everyone i downloaded sierra zone dmg from here and made a bootable usb my usb boots to clover screen where it ask for install sierra zone when i click on it without any flags it shows apple logo and kept stuck there no loading bar or cursor shows if i add -v it stucks after ++++++++ and nothing happens
  3. Getting stuck at Yosemite Boot Logo! Alright so first off I am trying to install Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 onto my PC (Pentium G4500, Intel HD 530, 8GB DDR4....) and I keep getting stuck at the Hackintosh Zone boot logo. I start my PC, my USB shows up, I click it, and then I select the Yosemite file on the USB using the built-in Chameleon 2.2 and then it loads and then it gets stuck on the Hackintosh Zone logo (I don't even get to the installation). I have tried using -x (Safe Mode) and -v (Verbose Mode) and nothing seems to work. In Verbose mode, nothing shows up so I guess it's not even starting to load the installation? Please help. Also if anyone needs me to make a video showing what is happening I can do it. Thanks
  4. Boot problem stuck at apple logo El capitan Hello everybody.. I assume there are lots of problems like this, but suddenly my new hackintosh gets stuck at the apple logo. I have no idea why this is suddenly the case. I didnt change anything. Another post said that i should make a picture of my screen so i attached that pic too. I cant see anything strange, but im definitely not an expert on this. I managed to build one and install everything, but this is a little to techy for me and i need my computer for work, so this is very inconvenient.. . I hope you can help me. Specs: - Gigabyte GA-Z170x - gaming 5 - i7 6700k - 32 gb ram - 512gb SSD - 3x1TB Raid - GTX 960 4gb
  5. I just bought a hackintosh from hackintoshseller on ebay and when I start the computer up it freezes at the apple logo at about 30%. I don't know which version of osx it has. I always have used windows and I am new to mac but wanted to try it out for music recording software. It has a 4th gen i7 4790k and the osx is installed on a 256gb SSD
  6. Downloaded yosemite-zone Haswell supported restored with restore.pkg got two partitions like this, booted with UEFI and got clover booted now when started with /haswell it shows a apple logo with no progress bar and it stays there forever. Entered bootflags like cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No -v -x -f i loads than shows black screen I It also stays forever. What to do?? I got Hp Envy 15-u110dx x360 Processor : intel core i5-5200U CPU@ 2.20Ghz Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 5500 RAM : 8GB HDD : 1TB
  7. Hey Every One.. I am new in this Hackintosh. I downloaded and install hackintosh and Nothing special happened untill the apple logo loading after installing. And I can't go anymore from that step.. My System is Intel i3 Ram 6GB Windows 10 No- Graphic Card and Gigabytes Motherboard
  8. Hey, this is my first topic here, first of all i wanna thank Niresh for making this possible, installing and testing Yosemite, i've used your distro for a long time now, and i really appreciate the time you put into this, anyway, today i have a problem kind of a small one, well, to be honest i really don't like that big red Hackintosh Zone logo while loading, and really want to put the original logo instead, i know this is allot to ask, but i really want to original one instead of the Hackintosh Zone's Logo, Thank you for your understanding, and hope you help me changing this, Thank you and have a nice day, MLM
  9. Alright so I've been searching and trying for a solution but I think it's time I posted a topic looking for help. Okay, so I just run the following into root: amd64 Now I know that seems weird but anytime I've used -v or -s or cpus=1 ill get an error or a blank screen. So when I run amd64 I get stuck with the apple screen while im hoping it would go into the install, so I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or what things I should try. Specs: AMD A8-3800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.40GHz 8 GB DDR3 64Bit OS 1.5 TB Hard Drive Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 If all else fails I will be picking up a new processor and motherboard on friday.
  10. Istallation goes just fine, but on first boot i get stucked in apple logo. I've tried -x, -F but no luck. Anyone?
  11. Hello - I wanted to post my specs/issues and see if anyone could offer suggestions. Using Niresh Distro 10.9, stuck on apple logo and loading circle. Have tried many boot flags. See screen shots for verbose data from -v boot flag. Thanks in advance!!!!! Specs: Toshiba Satellite U305-S7446 Laptop Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 1.5ghz Chipset: Intel GM965 Upgraded to 4gb Ram Graphics: Intel X3100 Will be using an 128gb SSD. There's not a lot of options in the BIOS, no options for AHCI or HPET. However I do know that the mobo supports 64bit Windows 8 as I have that currently installed. In the BIOS I've enabled "EXECUTE-DISABLE BIT CAPABILITY". before enabling that I'd only see the apple logo briefly and it would immediately shutdown. Now it will stay on the apple logo, and I see a loading circle. This happens for at least 10mn-20mn and then it will shutdown. I've tried the distro on 2 different USB sticks Screen Shot of -v:
  12. Installer Won't Load With Niresh 10.8.2

    Hi Everybody, As most people here I'm new to this Hackintosh thing, but I really want to give it a try. I'm trying currently the Niresh method. HW: MB: ASRock H61M-HVC CPU: Intel i5 2500K GPU: Nvidia 550 ti I have made an entry boot point with Neosmart, and I'm loading from it Niresh's 10.8.2 Installer. Installer won't load, it starts stating multiple code lines really fast then a glimps of the apple logo comes about then restart. I've tried -v / -x / npci 2000 and 3000. still restart the -v won't even freeze at the point where it should tell me what went wrong, thengs just restart after loading a bunch of codes that I really can't catch to read. Appreciate your help, if you need any more info, please ask!