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Found 47 results

  1. Unable to boot, instant reboot Hi, know i'm using lenovo G505s with amd APU A8-4500m with AMD radeon 8570m. My problem is when I put the bootflags and intent to boot it when begins to show the commands do a instant reboot. My boot flags: -v Kernel=kernel.amd kcsuffix=amd npci=0x3000 USBBusFix=Yes USBLegacy=Off=Yes. In my usb installer I change the amd kernel and install the usb bus fix
  2. HELP!! Hackintosh Sierra 1st build attemp. Hi,I just wanna seek some advise for my 1st hackintosh build soon-to-be with a macOs Sierra.I currently have a windows 10 build with:Motherboard: ECS Z170-ClaymoreAudio: 8-Channel HD audio CODEC Realtek ALC1150 8-channel High Definition audio CODEC LAN: Realtek DRAGON LAN Chip 8118AS CPU: I5 6400RAM: Vengeance led white 2666 mhz 16gbGPU: Asus Dual GTX 1060 3gb-OCStorage: Kingston 120gb and 1tb seagate hddCooler: Id cooling frostflow 240LWould this be good for a hackintosh? Or do I need to change some parts so it will work, and so which parts should I change? Like the motherboard, is the ethernet supported?Please I need your advise masters!!
  3. Stuck on language screen Hi my pc is Lenovo G505S with an amd a8-4500m with and dedicated amd radeon 8570m. when i try to boot with this flags: kcsuffic=amd -v npci=0x3000 USBBusFix=Yes nv_disable=1 IGPEnabler=No with this bootflags i can boot and put to the language screen but stuck here. On my usb I install the usb kernel patch and i try to boot using -s I thing the problems is the ps/2 driver Any solution?
  4. Reboot instead of shutdown Does anyone have any idea what I can do to prevent my machine from rebooting when I try to shut it down? Thank!!
  5. Almost installed but "move nVidia.pkg" came up. Managed to find the right selection of boot flags to get into the installer and get it installing. It had almost finished when "move nVidia.pkg" came up and I couldnt go any further. How can I fix this?
  6. Installation stuck I was trying to install Sierra on my laptop and it got stuck at appleusblegacyroot plz help
  7. Problem dual booting in two different drives I want to say hello to all the members of the community and say thanks for your help!! I've installed Sierra and everything went good very easily, but I had a problem when I tried to make a dual boot with Windows 10. The problem is when I boot, in the boot manager I can see and choose 5 drives, the first is the drive with sierra, the second is with windows, then there are other 3 drives (with a windows flag) where nothing happen if I choose them. To me they are partitions made from windows automatically when I installed it. The os are in two different drives, a ssd drive with Sierra and a sata drive with windows. There is a way to delete from boot those option and have only the two with operative system? The machine is: i3 Skylake, Gigabite D3HP, 8gb ram, Samsung evo 830, Gigabite Gt 740, sata hdd Toshiba.
  8. Error I can not install SierraZone on my asus I tried to make my asus a hackintosh, but I have not managed to try Yosemite Zone first and it gave me error, now I try with the Sierra Zone I also give myself error. My Hardware: ASUS X556UQ - Processor: IntelCore i5-7200U / 3.1Ghz --- 7th Gen RAM: 8GB HDD: 1 TB Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 940MX. I leave some images of what happens to me, in advance thank you very much.
  9. Help sierra zone installer stuck on waiting for root device Hi, I had previously successfully installed Yosemite Zone in my Asus k55a. I decided to update to sierra so I downloaded and made an installer USB. But whenever I try to boot from it I get stuck at Waiting for root device. I have tried -v -x UseKernelCache=No USBBusFix=Yes USBLegacyOff=No but I still get the same error please help me. Screenshot - @Niresh please help me!!!!! Please please please
  10. root device--- at boot of installation HID=legacy shim 2 still waiting for root device.. this error and then nothing...asus a55v i7 ..750 giga hd 16 giga ram...yosemite niresh run without problems but i need to install sierra niresh,,,who can haelp me?thank you
  11. intel hd 5500 not activating after update Hi guys!!! With this image of sierra i could finally get hackintosh running on my notebook. See, the problem is that I was able to activate my Intel HD 5500 on my hackintosh.. It was about March.. Then I gave up a little bit because didnt had time to get hackintosh working.. Now that I've downloaded the image again, I cant activate at all my onboard video.. I used this method to activate the first time: (it is in portuguese but i think you can understand how it is done) Using this same way I wasn't able to make it work. On "About this mac" it is written "Intel HD Graphics 5500 7 mb" (when it is fresh installed it says "display 7 mb")... so i was digging a little and found out that the kext i was patching didn't exist (AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer). So I ve searched for on the web, found the kext, downloaded it. After that I re-installed the system on my computer, installed that kext i had downloaded, restarted my computer and then i follewed one more time the steps on that video. So I've realized that now, again on "About my mac" it is finally written "Intel HD Graphics 5500 1536 MB" but i still have no graphic accelerartion at all! it simple doesn't work! I also noticed that before I couldn't get audio to work at all!! tried everything i found online but nothing worked.. With this new Image I downloaded I just change audio inject to 3 in clover and it worked.. (it is so ironic xD) I saw that there were an update on april 22 on the link.. i think it might be related =).. i'm not downloading the same thing i did on march If someone could help me, please! Ps; my boot args: nv_disable=1 kext-dev-mode=1 Thanks!!
  12. UI Bugs with Sierra Hello, i am not totally new to Hackintosh, but i am also not an expert. I installed the Hackintosh Sierra Zone by Niresh, but i have one Problem, everything is working execpt i have some annying UI bugs, these problems are not a hardware problem, because they only apply on some applications like Safari. I made a liitle Video to show it. Another thing, which is not dramatic, is that he cant find my second monitor, while installation it was working. I did not changed any Clover bootflags yet. Specs: Hardware CPU: Intel I5 4440 4 x 3.3Ghz Grahics Card: Sapphire R9 280X OC Mainboard: HP IPM87-MP Display one is connected with hdmi, second with dvi. I would be very happy, if someone had a idea to fix this issue. Regards Liz3
  13. MacOS on HP 15-ay198nr I have a HP 15-ay198nr, it has an Intel i7 7th generation processor, 8 GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics, and a SSD in it. Here are the FULL specs for my laptop. Is it compatible? Does any of these specs put out a huge red flag? CPU Intel Core i7 @ 2.70GHz Kaby Lake-U/Y 14nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1064MHz (15-15-15-35) Motherboard HP 81ED (U3E1) 28 °C Graphics Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics 620 (HP) Storage 238GB SanDisk SD8SNAT-256G-1006 (SSD) Optical Drives hp DVDRW DU8AESH Audio Realtek High Definition Audio Network Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter I tried installing it once via multibeast, I could get the installer to open, but then nothing would happen when I would try and install it. It would go to the loading screen, but no further. Maybe I should try using the hackintosh zone files instead? Thanks in advance.
  14. Sierra Zone Instant Reboot No matter the boot flags, Sierra Zone will reboot after trying to load kexts in Enoch. I've installed Sierra before on this machine by manually creating an install USB as instructed from, but was too buggy to work with because I was too lazy to fix it. I did use the exact Enoch configuration, but on Sierra Zone, all I get is an instant reboot. I did also try to use the kernel I originally used, but that didn't do anything. System: AMD FX-4130 Gigabyte GA-LMT78-USB3 rev. 5.0 Power Color Red Devil RX 480 8GB
  15. Need Help in order to boot from USB Hello!! I'm trying to boot from my usb. I have downloaded and restored the Sierra Zone image. My BIOS has detected the installer, but the problem is I can't boot from it. I have used kcsuffix=amd, -v as flag, but all I got this. And if I select boot flag as graphicsenabler=no fcsuffix=amd I got this Do I need to replace the kernel before proceeding? My system specs are below AMD FX 6300 MSI 970 Gaming MotherBoard 2*4GB 1866Mhz Kingston HyperX Fury RAM 240GB SSD for Windows 320GB WD Blue HDD (for Hackintosh) Nvidia GT 630 2GB BTW I've chosen the 1st option from installer menu.
  16. Loop of startup Hackintosh script Hi all, eventually I managed to do an installation of niresh distro Sierra hackintosh zone. After initial setup of my user, the hackintosh zone script starts telling me that it fixes permissions, updates system caches, etc. It also rebuilds the launch service database and adds hackintosh icons to the dock. At the end it finishes with "The installation was successful. Your Hackintosh is optimized now". After that the script restarts. This leads to a blown up dock, because with each run the hackintosh icons are added to the dock with each run. Rebooting the machine does not change anything. How can I stop this script? Has anybody encountered the same? What is the name of the script? What should I google for? Cheers Ferschtl
  17. Amd Usb Launch Problems i have : motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 gpu: EVGA GeForce GTX780 cpu: AMD FX-8350 i get this error after selecting which drive to boot on clover : i use these bootflags to get to this error: xpcm-free, nv_disable=1, kcsuffix=amd and, npci=0x3000. i have tried using USBBusFix=Yes and turning off usb in bios. ps i dont know if this is part of my problem: on the instalation site it says "use one of these boot flags" but i only see one which is kcsuffix=amd.
  18. Laptop Installation Issue Hey, I've created my USB installer for Sierra Zone and I've been able to boot into the USB. However , when I try to go into the installer (using-v) , I get to: "Attempting to load drivers from "Extra" Repository" and then the system reboots. Anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong? Laptop Specs: Intel Core i3-2328m Intel hd 3000 8gb RAM Lenovo 627226G Motherboard
  19. freeze using sierra i had niresh yosemite, but last day i decided to update to sierra, everything works fine, but when i'm using it somethimes it freeze and the only thing that i can do is force the switch off of the computer, so i tried to return to yosemite, but every time i get a "kernel panic" problem. any help? i5 4460 lenovo sharkbay mb gtx 745
  20. Can't get macOS working Hi, I've always had Windows but, for my school I need MacOS. Now I have tried before to install it but get it not booted. I also read that it is difficult to get an Intel HD 530 working, is this a problem? Now you would think that I could buy a MacBook but I bought a laptop for my current school for 1299,- that is for a student a lot of money! So I can't buy another expenisve laptop. My specifications; CPU: Intel Core I7-6700HQ (Intel HD Graphics 530) GPU: Nvidia Geforce 950m (4GB memory) WiFi: Intel (R) Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8265 Ethernet: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio Laptop Model = HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak40nd
  21. bug in sierra zone installer I installed mac os sierra successfully but It doesn't boot. I have to disable sierra zone to complete install. with sierra zone installer stop at last stage "script error cannot move nvidia.pkg" I already tried platform-id=0x19160000 and with the patch from rehman github. but it got stuck in this screen. my laptop is hp ay542tu Thankyou.
  22. nVidia GT730 ve Sierra Merhabalar, Asus H61M-K anakartım ve ona bağlı nVidia GT730 2GB ekran kartım var ve linkteki gibi sıkıntı çıkartıyor. Önce Unibeast ile UEFI kurulum yapıyorum, ekran kartını gösteriyor Hakkında kısmında ama işleme almıyor sadece görüyor. nVidia Web Driver kurduktan sonra da hataları veriyor. Clover ile boot ederken dart=0 komutu ile başlatıyorum. SMBIOS kısmından iMac 14,1 seçili ve SystemParameters kısmında Nvidia seçili. Acaba bu sorunu çözebilir miyiz? Teşekkürler.
  23. Help could not start saw OS Sierra Hello, I hope to help me, I try to boot from my USB, but every time I reboot and load my USB my computer is on a black screen, with a blinking pointer, I've loaded the DMG file with another usb and it's still the same, When I do the Restore image with trans MAC when finalizing inside the usb I unpacked the file Restore Sierra.pkg. I do not know why it's not happening, I've previously installed Yosemite and I've had no problem. I hope they help me, thanks
  24. Why It get stuck at Choosing language! Hi hackintosh community, I downloaded the DMG sierra and make a bootable with TransMac in a hope of turning my old intel e8400 into MacOS. Make bootable went fine until I try to install it and it's hang in choose language menu. I press enter and wait for a pretty long and it still there. I've try many attempt and it still stuck there. What else should I try? I'm not downloading Yosemite in a hope that it won't stuck in choose language again. Specs: GT 210 C2D e8400 ram 2gb Bios doesn't has much to change.
  25. Intel HD 3000 kexts Sierra? Hi, is anywhere package of Intel HD 3000 kexts for Sierra? I searched these forums and can't find a way to enable full acceleration for this graphic card in Sierra. Anybody could help, pls?