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Using 2 ram sticks of different frequency

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Hello guys. I would like your kind advise on the following.
I have successfully completed another hackintosh built. I used an HP 4300 pro with an Nvidia 1050ti and installed High Sierra (so as to have full acceleration with Nvidia drivers).

My problem is the following. The prebuilt HP came with a 4gb DDR3 ram clocked at 1600mhz.
I have another 4gb DDR3 ram stick, but is clocked at 1333Mhz.

Whilst both ram sticks work without any problem with Win10 (I am dual-booting), I cannot boot into High Sierra if I use both of them.
The only way to boot into High Sierra is to use only one of them (either the 1333mhz stick or the 1600mhz stick at any slot).
So there is no problem with any of the ram slots, and no problem with the sticks (since both are recognized and working in win10).

Is this a problem with Macos and Hackintosh? Do I need to use ram sticks of same frequency?

P.S.: Also do I need to use same GB ram sticks? (i.e. 4+4), or can I also use 4+8?

Thanx in advance!

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